23 de Janeiro de 2019

Comunication: EURACT courses in Portugal and beyond

Luís Filipe Gomes1, Denise Velho2


1 Department of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, University of Algarve, Portugal

2 Santiago Family Health Unit, Leiria, Portugal


Background – EURACT has developed four Leonardo Teachers Courses: level 1 (competent educator), level 2 (proficient educator), level 3 (educational expert) and the assessment course. The first edition of the equivalent to the EURACT level 1 course in Portugal was an international edition, in Monchique, Algarve, in 2006. The Portuguese participants of that edition translated all the materials from English to Portuguese and began to cascade the course at a regular and steady pace to this date, even going beyond frontiers to Brazil and Catalunya.

Aim – to showcase all courses organised by Portuguese EURACT members in the last eleven years.

Methods – cross-sectional study including every EURACT course organised by Portuguese EURACT members.

Results – We will present the total number of courses, locations and participants.

Conclusion – In Portugal, we have worked very hard to spread “EURACT’s word” and we believe any country can achieve this. We hope our poster inspires members from other countries to start cascading the EURACT courses and thus contributing to the improvement of General Practice/family Medicine teaching around the globe.


Poster available here.